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Limestone (#57)


Size & Features
#57 Limestone has consistent-sized particles that range from 1/2" to 1” and is white to very light grey in color.

Common Uses

  • Best stone for driveway application provides good vehicle traction
  • Permeable base for pavers and walls, minimum depth of 4-6”
  • Drainage for irrigation lines
  • Base for sheds

Please be aware that stone is a natural product, and therefore color and consistency can vary. The material pictured on this product page has been washed to showcase the color of the rock; however, it may not be delivered in such a state. In those cases, spray the material with a hose to rid it of any dust or dirt. If you need to match existing materials, we recommend calling the office at 440-409-7999 to schedule a time to see our samples.

Limestone (#57)

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