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  • How do I pay my invoice?
    Rooted will send your invoice via email address. Once you receive that email, you have two options when it comes to payment. You can pay with a direct bank transfer. Click the invoice link within your email, enter your banking info (Rooted does NOT see this info), then submit your payment. Mail in a check to Rooted Landscape Design at the address 39700 Colorado Ave. Avon, Ohio 44011. At the moment, Rooted does not accept credit/debit unless requested by the customer directly.
  • What is the "Additional Delivery" item in the store?
    This is a required extra purchase anyone needed more than one trip for material delivery. Customers much purchase an "Additional Load" for each trip the truck needs to make. If your order is LESS than 6 quantities (yards) of mulch OR 4 quantities (yards) of soil, you DO NOT NEED to purchase an "additional delivery". If your order is MORE than 6 quantities (yards) of mulch OR 4 quantities (yards) of soil, you DO NEED to purchase an "additional delivery".
  • How do I know how many delivery trips my order will need?
    ONE TRIP LOAD is a maximum of 4 yds of soil OR 6 yds of mulch. TWO TRIP LOAD is 5-8 yds of soil OR 7-12 yds of mulch. THREE TRIP LOAD is 9-12 yds of soil OR 13-18 yds of mulch. Unfortunately, we cannot calculate the number of orders within the online store. Customers need to determine how much material they will need, then purchase extra delivery trips if necessary. *For example, a customer seeking 7 yards of mulch would require two trips. This customer would have to add 7 "quantities" of mulch and one "Additional Delivery" to their shopping cart & purchase.
  • How do I purchase my supply delivery?
    All landscape supply deliveries are pre-pay by card only. You can purchase your material(s) and schedule your delivery time in our "Delivery" tab on the top of the page. If you need assistance, please call or text the office number (440-409-7999). You can also use the website chat feature in the bottom left of the homepage, or send us an email at
  • Is there a maximum size for delivery orders?
    Yes! Our trucks can hold a maximum of 4 yds of soil OR 6 yds of mulch. If you need more, you will have to purchase a second delivery. TO BUY A SECOND DELIVERY please go to the "Delivery" tab and add "Additional Delivery" to your cart. Purchase it with your other items. **note; if you forget the "Additional Delivery" item we can easily add it over the phone, or you can purchase it separately (before your delivery).
  • How does Rooted's delivery service work?
    SOILS, MULCHES, COMPOST, STRAW, FIREWOOD: Step One: Determine the size you're trying to cover and measure it in cubic yards. Step Two: Find your desired product and select the quantity. The base unit is 1 yard. IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN 1 TRUCKLOAD YOU MUST PURCHASE A SECOND DELIVERY! THIS IS A SEPARATE ITEM IN THE STORE. Step Three: Select your estimated delivery time and continue with the checkout process. Step Four: Prepare your property for your delivery. Clear a space and possibly lay out a tarp. Step Five: Await our reminder call/text 24 hours before delivery. ROOTED MERCHANDISE: These items are sent in the mail unless you want them added to a landscape material delivery.
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